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Our History

•  1597 - Old Perlican first mentioned as "Parlican". At this time, Old Perlican is a summer fishery station for migratory fishermen.

•  1640 - A planter named John Brown is listed as living here.

•  1675 - First Newfoundland Census lists fourteen planters.

•  1697 - In the month of February, the French under D'Iberville capture Old Perlican. They report that there are "19 houses, several stores, more than thirty head of horned cattle, and a number of sheep and pigs." During King William's War, the village was destroyed in the Avalon Peninsula Campaign.

•  1729 - Old Perlican is one of 11 harbours in Newfoundland to warrant the appointment of justice of the peace.

•  1774 - Methodism is introduced to the residents by John Hoskins, an English school teacher.

•  1856 - Way Office is established.

•  1883 - First Postmaster is George Tuff.

•  1914 - Reid Newfoundland Ltd builds a railway line in the general area which runs as far as Bay de Verde until the 1930's.

•  1936 - Old Perlican Cottage Hospital was built.

•  1937 - First Radio Receiver comes to Old Perlican. This radio is currently in the private collection of Matthew Gillie.

•  1971 - The Town of Old Perlican is incorporated by the province as a municipality.

•  2001 - A.A. Wilkinson Memorial Health Centre replaces the old cottage hospital.

•  2002 - Baccalieu Collegiate (grades 7-12) opens its doors in Old Perlican.

The following books have been published about our history, heritage and culture:

"As We Were" - A historical perspective of Old Perlican (1568 - 1968)
"As We Are" - A historical perspective of Old Perlican (1950 - 2000)
"Onmis" - Scholar John Tilley - Poetic Chronicles of Old Perlican
"Salt Water Tears"
"Footprints in the Sands of Time"
"The Last Autograph Book"

For further information about these books or to purchase, please contact E Fred Cram at (709) 587-2217.

Town of Old Perlican
199 Blow Me Down Drive
Old Perlican, NL A0A 3G0
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