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Pole Light Outages
If any pole lights are out near your home, you may contact the Town Office and we will alert Newfoundland Power. If the number that is on the pole can be provided to the council office, it will speed up .... [Read more]
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Compost Bins For Sale
Organic waste makes up as much as 30% of all the waste generated in Newfoundland and Labrador. Composting is important, it's easy - and the end result will help your garden grow! The town of .... [Read more]
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Planters of Old Perlican 1675 -John Berry's Census Data

Bedlecome                     Cooke                               Swaine
Burt                                Corban                              Taylor
Bllet                                Gainge                               Welchman
Borke                              Green                                Welkenel
Carter                             Spikernell

Surnames of Old Perlican -Hutchinson's 1864-65 Directory

Adams                           Day                              Mills
Barrett                           Deane                          Pike
Beckett                          Frowd                          Read
Boyd                             Gooby                          Rogers
Bursey                          Green                           Rowe
Burt                               Hallahan                      Strong
Button                           Harder                         Swyers
Christian                       Hopkins                        Tilly
Collins                          Jolliff                             Tizzard
Cooper                          Kavanagh                     Waterhouse
Coultas                         Lambert                        Woodlands
Cox                               March                           Young
Cramm                          Mews

Surnames - Old Perlican - 2013-2104

Adams                  Furlong               Peddle                
Andrews               George                Peicery                    
Bailey                   Gillingham           Pike                      
Barnes                  Goodwin             Pinhorn                               
Barrett                   Green                 Pinsent               
Barter                    Guerard              Pottle                  
Beckett                  Guitard                Power                  
Blundon                 Hatch                  Provan
Boland                   Hearn                  Pynn                     
Breeze                   Hepditch              Reid                                      
Brewer                   Hiitola                  Reynolds                            
Broaders                Hopkins               Rice                      
Broderick                Howell                 Riggs
Brookings                Hyde                   Rodgers                              
Bursey                    Ingerman             Russell                
Burt                        Joensen               Scott                     
Butt                        Johnson               Sellars 
Button                    Jolliffe                   Singleton
Churchill                 Keats                   Snelgrove
Coish                      Kelly                    Sparkes
Collier                     King                     Spurrell
Cooper                   Lambert                Squires
Courtney                Lamouche             Stanford
Cramm                   Layman                 Strong
Critch                     Leshane                Sutton
Crocker                  Lockyer                 Thorne
Cull                        Mansfield              Tizzard
 Davidson              March                    Tucker
Day                        Martin                   Tuttle
Doyle                     Matthews              Verdon
Driscoll                  Maxwell                 Walsh
Duggan                 Meadus                 Wells
Durdle                   Mills                      Whalen
Edwards                Morgan                 Wheller
 Foley                    Noonan                 Wood
Fagner                   Norris                   Woodland
Foote                     North                    Woodrow
French                   Oliver
Froude                   Payne

Surnames of Old Perlican (1913 voter's list)

•  Adams
•  Barnes
•  Barrett
•  Beckett
•  Brooklings
•  Bursey
•  Burt
•  Button
•  Cheerley
•  Coombs
•  Cooper
•  Cox
•  Cram
•  Day
•  Froud
•  Gooby
•  Green
•  Hopkins
•  Howell
•  Jolliffe
•  Kavanagh
•  MacDonald
•  March
•  Miller
•  Milley
•  Mills
•  Muir
•  Pickard
•  Pike
•  Rodgers
•  Rowe
•  Strong
•  Swyers
•  Tilley
•  Tizzard
•  Tuff
•  Woodlands
•  Young

Town of Old Perlican
199 Blow Me Down Drive
Old Perlican, NL A0A 3G0
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